Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Now That's Affordable Wedding Photography

You’ve found the number one affordable wedding photography in Las Vegas. This is a service especially designed for couples traveling to Las Vegas for their wedding. I offer a selection of affordable wedding photography to couples who come to get married in one of the many Las Vegas wedding chapels, strip resorts, or by a private Las Vegas wedding officiant. Keep in mind the proprietary chapel and resort wedding photography is both expensive and hit and miss in quality. In addition, most chapels won’t allow your own photographer inside. In those cases people often purchase the minimal chapel photo option, and then select one of my hourly package options below for pre and/or post wedding photography. 

You can choose the amount of time you’ll need for your wedding starting with just 1 hour for the most simple wedding. If you would like wedding photos of the ceremony and time for photos after the wedding you may want to consider 2 hours. If you need photos of the ceremony and want to include traditional pre-wedding photos you should select 3 hours. For weddings that may be a little larger or you want to have time to travel to different locations you’ll probably need 4 hours. If you have a special request that doesn’t quite fit my packages send me the details.

Check out my unmatched hourly rates below.

Las Vegas Affordable Wedding Photography

The great thing about Las Vegas is there are so many options for wedding couples. I guess that’s why Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. Your options include all of the above including and up to actually being married by Elvis. Even the “little Elvis” if you want to go that route.

My own hourly wedding photography packages tend to be popular with couples looking for a classic look. However, if you want to do quirky or artsy stuff I’m up for that too. When you consider my packages you might want to allow enough time to have pre-wedding photos (just like formal weddings). Just remember, the ceremony itself for simple weddings is typically very short. Most of your photos will be before and after the ceremony. 

I’ll also mention again that traffic on the Las Vegas strip is famously slow. Depending on the time of year or weekend it could take a considerable amount of time to go from one resort to another. Often times walking can be faster but the distance between one hotel and the next is more than most people expect. Especially walking in high heels.

As a rule of thumb, three hours is normally about right for most small weddings. That can usually cover the whole event if it’s short and you don’t expect to drive around the strip. I’ll also mention here that many people have asked about a photo at the famous Las Vegas sign. This could be done quickly (no waiting), or you may find a significant wait since many visitors want a photo there. My general advice is to skip it and go either before or after your wedding. 

Below you’ll find my package options with a short description to help you make the right choice. The majority of couples are selecting 3 hours. If you select 2 or more hours I’m usually able to extend my time on demand, as long as extending doesn’t impact another wedding couple. Just let me know.


$ 199 / One Hour

1 Hour

Great for just the ceremony or as a pre-wedding add on to a third party chapel service.

$ 299 / Two Hours

2 Hours

Great for limited coverage of pre-wedding and a very short ceremony.

$ 399 / Three Hours

3 Hours

Great for pre-wedding, ceremony, and a couple post wedding locations.

$ 699 / Four Hours

4 Hours

Great for extended coverage either before or after wedding, or a remote location.

If you need help finding a wedding officiant or ideas for wedding photo locations feel free to send me your request. If you’re local and looking for Las Vegas engagement photography see this post.