Las Vegas Engagement Photographer

5 Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Tips

Ok, so now your looking for a Las Vegas Engagement Photographer (congratulations on your engagement by the way). This is an exciting time but hold on cowgirls and cowboys, great engagement photos don’t just happen. Here are 5 tips to help get you closer to better engagement photos.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Tip Number 1 - Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate

No, I’m not talking about wearing matching shirts and pants, unless that’s your thing (can anyone say glom). I’m talking about a big picture thing. You know the five W’s. Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

Now, there’s no need to plan this out as if it were your actual wedding, but taking the time to think about who you are together, what you anticipate your engagement photographs will look like, where the photos will be taken, when it should happen (you may have less control over this), and even why you want engagement photos in the first place.

That last one may sound like a crazy thing to ask, and there is no wrong answer, but if you can share that with your engagement photographer it will go a long way to get at what you really want. Admittedly you have to find a photographer that can process your answers into a visual reality, but that should be the goal anyway.

If you take a moment to think through the above I promise you’ll thank me in the end.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Tip Number 2 - What Knot To Wear (see what I did there)

Taking a cue from tip number one, you’ll want to plan out your wardrobe ahead of time. And I was just kidding about matching outfits. If that’s who you are as a couple, or you’re going for a theme, who am I to say otherwise.

Still, there are some basics you should be aware of when it comes to your engagement photo cloths. Some may seem obvious. It works to go barefoot on a Florida beach, but maybe not so much in the Winter on a cold day. I have done barefoot shoots in the Nevada desert, but if you live here you know that can be a challenge. If you’re going to wear the highest heels known to man, you should also know that may change some of the ability to be spontaneous. Just something to think about. 

Similarly, if you want to wear pants, or shirts that have really thin lines, there is a technical term for that, but you should know that’s going to be more difficult in some situations. None of this is to say you can’t do it, or to declare it wrong, but again, if you want to tackle challenging things you’ll need to put some thought into it first.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Tip Number 3 - What To Wear

So what should you wear? First, be who you are but within that framework anything dark blue will always look great. You can mix it up with hotter accent colors or even white but any bold or solid color will be fine. If it brings out who you are, that’s important too, feel free to make it part of your decision. 

Another thing to consider about your wardrobe is how it works within your environment, or the specific location of your engagement photographs. If your location is really formal, you probably also want to compliment that with finely tailored cloths, if on the other hand you’re a couple of hams (see the photo above), consider a very informal but smart outfit. Whichever way you decide to go, talk to your engagement photographer before deciding on your outfits. Making it work with your location can take a little planning.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Tip Number 4 - Location, Location, Location

I know this is a real estate mantra but when it comes to engagement photos in Las Vegas, the “where” is really important. In Las Vegas you can do engagement photos on the strip that are unlike any in the world, but it comes with it’s own challenges. 

Keep in mind that if you want engagement photos of just the two of you that’s much more difficult than in a more quiet location. If you don’t mind total strangers in the background of these photos that’s one thing, but if that’s not your cup of tea you might want to rethink that location choice. 

Read on to discover some specific location options.

Las Vegas Engagement Photographer Tip Number 5 - Your Venue

Remember at the top when I mentioned the 5 W’s? Well, the “where” refers to the actual place you want to do your engagement photos. Remember that the location can be the inspiration for everything from your outfits to the overall look of your photos. 

The location may be a place that has meaning for both of you, a place that contributes to the feeling, or just a place with an appealing background. You also don’t have to stay in Las Vegas. 

A place not too far away such as The Valley of The Fire is an incredible venue that right away provides a unique look you won’t find in most engagement photographs. You can do some similar things without having to go quite so far here at Red Rock Canyon

In Las Vegas you might want to consider downtown and or around the old casino’s (Freemont), or for a very specific look consider The Bone Yard. If you want something that looks less like the desert you could head to one of the parks around Las Vegas and limit yourself to the greener areas. 

And finally to be more spontaneous, you could simply do a walk and shoot. This is a great way to have a variety of looks within a short amount of time. Your photographer will need to be able to make the most of simple locations, but the end result can be really great.

So, there are 5 tips to help you with your Las Vegas Engagement Photographer search. You can take some of the ideas and leave the others but if you take a moment to think about the logistics you should end up with better engagement photos.